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The Community Animal Rescue Effort (CARE) of South Bend is a not for profit, 501(c)3 organization that was incorporated in June of 2008. Created to serve an unmet need for the
South Bend Animal Shelter (SBACC); CARE works to support SBACC through volunteer and fundraising activities.

Since 2/22/10

here is how we've used our funds to help the homeless animals at SBACC:

We are
delighted that SBACC has
secured the necessary funding for the construction of the new (and badly needed) facility.

This funding has provided CARE the opportunity to
reallocate the money we have raised so far toward
providing assistance with the cost of medical care for the
animals at SBACC.

These expenses will include the following:

  • Surgical suite for spay/neuter clinic.
  • Spay and neuter surgeries.
  • Routine as well as emergency medical care (when needed).
  • Assistance for the animals in the care of
    SBACC Foster Homes.

With this new focus;
CARE will continue
to work diligently to
conduct volunteer
and fundraising
activities on behalf

  • 149 spay/neuter surgeries
    (for Boomer, Moose, Kelly, Howie and 145 other critters!)
  • • Heartworm care for Daisy, a HW positive dog (remember Daisy?)
  • • Medical care for a puppy with carpal flexural deformity
    (remember Gibson?)
  • • Dental care and grooming for Teddy (remember Teddy?)
  • • Dental and grooming for Calli (remember Calli?)
  • • Medical care for 2 hit by car dogs
    (remember Bumper, remember Midnight?)
  • • Medical care for a poisoned dog (remember Braxton?)
  • • Provided countless rabies vaccinations for the animals at SBACC (Shelly for example!)
  • • Purchased equipment for the shelter ranging from microscopes, grooming equipment, heating pads, thermometers and others items to help provide the best care possible for the animals.

could not have done

any of this without the generous donations that you, our friends and fellow animal welfare advocates have made to support our mission. Thank you. Together we're working to make South Bend a "No More Homeless Pets" community.